The BLOOM IS COMING with a new 12-episode documentary
series about a generation who have found their home in
powerful transformational festivals and
the journey to bring their life-altering experiences
back to the “Default World”

Why are innovators, celebrities and creatives flocking to a week-long temporary city in the middle of a harsh desert?

Why have music festivals become the fundamental rite-of-passage for Millennials in the millions?

And... Could the answer to these questions somehow hold keys to the pertinent issues of our world today?

An Unforgettable Journey to the Most Iconic Festivals on The Planet

The Bloom transports you into the world of transformational festivals in a ground-breaking new series that delivers the true story of this global phenomenon. Strap into the shotgun seat with Host Jeet-Kei & The Bloom Squad and travel to leading festivals around the world to discover what makes these remarkable realities come alive.

Meet the Celebrities of the Festival World

Discover the charismatic and colorful visionaries who create the magic, from artists and producers to festival veterans and neophytes from all walks of life. Their stories weave through the series as they face the challenges and triumphs of bringing their inspirations back to the ‘real world’.

An Even Bigger Story to Tell

Host Jeet-Kei, celebrated for his ability to reveal the true depth of the culture, leads an inquiry into the generational ethos being forged in these zones of unleashed creativity—and what can be taken away is surprisingly relevant to the greater picture of our time.

The Collective Hero’s Journey Of Our Time

Set to a soundtrack of today’s best Electronic Dance and Bass music, The Bloom series is a wild, revelatory and healing Collective Hero’s Journey which takes us beyond the booming bass and pulsing lights. It’s a true story which brings to life how, for a new generation, the way we feel about the world—and our human potential in it—may just be changing forever.  

let's meet each other

The Team

Director / Host / Executive Producer

Jeet-Kei Leung

Defining the term “Transformational Festivals” with his seminal TEDx talk in 2010, Jeet-Kei is celebrated as a pioneer in the international scene. With two decades as an event producer, music artist and thought leader, Jeet-Kei followed up with his documentary series The Bloom to chronicle the global cultural movement.

Executive Producer

Pierre Bagley

Pierre brings 35 years of experience in the film and television industry, most recently as Director of Motion Picture & TV Development for Washington, DC. He directed, produced and co-wrote the 2014 feature film “From The Rough” starring academy award nominees Taraji P. Henson (Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) and Tom Felton (Harry Potter movies).

Executive Producer

Jerome Foster

Jerome is better known as Knobody, a Grammy award-winning artist who has produced records for Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Akon, The Game, Big Pun, The Fugees, L’il Kim, Mýa and R.E.M. During his time at SRC Records/Universal, Jerome was recognized as a World Top 10 A&R rep.


Adam Krim

Adam is co-founder of The Confluence, a digital media & PR firm that works with transformational festivals, lifestyle brands and Fortune 500 clients. Adam brings his savvy business strategy & community development skills to his trailblazing work in the festival community.


Nicole Sorochan

Nicole is one of Canada’s top Impact Producers and Transmedia Directors, recently producing the feature documentary “AmplifyHer”. She created transmedia projects for the PBS film “The Genius Of Marian” and Velcrow Ripper’s “Occupy Love” among others.


Zac Cirivello

Zac has been active in the transformational festival community for over ten years. His participation ranges over a diversity of roles—from creative to production—and he is currently Burning Man’s Media Coordinator as well as an original co-producer of The Bloom series.


Alex Fredericks

Alex is a seasoned business and new media executive who has worked on projects with entertainment luminaries such as The Strokes, Jay-Z, WuTang Clan, The Notorious B.I.G, Producer Phil Ramone, Yoko Ono and Lou Reed.


Mitch Kirsch

Mitch has produced special events and interactive experiences in 26 countries, including 12 Olympic Games, 6 Super Bowls & 3 World Cups. He was the Executive Producer of Vice & Intel’s event series The Creators Project.

Photo Credits

  1. MAGIC by Galen Oakes – Burning Man
  2. El Pulpo and Lost Tea Party by Zipporah Lomax – Burning Man
  3. Embrace Crew by Lukasz Szczepanski – Burning Man
  4. Lamplighters by Galen Oakes – Burning Man